why the KK1800A3500V become the best selling items in our company of the spring festival of 2017?

Fast turn-off thyristor KK1800A300 and phase control thyristors KP2500A400A have become the best selling products of our company in the spring festival of 2017

Almost all of the withstand voltage with KK1800A3000V thyristor across demestic thyristors factory below 2500V , But the withstand voltage of KK thyristors from our factory can beyond 30000V ,closeto 3500V ,  so when the withstand voltage is not enough high , the circuit will create the counter electromotive force that breakdown the thyristor with withstand voltage less than 2500V

 THS55℃100℃    25   
KK1800A3500V3500V1800A16-351203.15/400050050040-4000.9-4.00.017 11535-40

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