the KK1800A 3500V become the best items in our company of the Spring festival of 2017

From: Shangjing rectifier company
publisher: tonny
Time: 2017-01-29
Summary: KK thyristor for induction heating widly used in induction heating systems such as melting furnace in steel factory global etc

the KK1800A 3500V fast turn-off thyristor  has become the best items  of  the Spring festival of 2017 in our company, the main reason for it is that our factory can produce this kind of items with withstand voltage value close to 3500V , so with so kind of high withstand voltage wth kk thyristor , the circuit inside induction heating system will  not create the counter electromotive force that will breakdown the thyristor with withstand voltage as high as 3500V

 THS55℃100℃    25   
KK1800A3500V3500V1800A16-351203.15/400050050040-4000.9-4.00.017 11535-40

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